August 28(Mon) - 31(Thu), 2023. The University of Tokyo, JAPAN, Hongo / Yayoi Campus

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The 4th Asian Horticultural Congress (AHC2023) will be held in Tokyo in 2023. AHC2023 will bring together scientists and experts from around the world to discuss Asian horticulture. The year 2023 is the 100th anniversary of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science (JSHS). Horticulture in the Asian region has made great strides over the last 100 years. We are now at a tipping point where innovation is needed to develop while conserving the environment and resources over the next 100 years for the horticulture that underpins our lives. The conference will provide a platform to discuss the latest advances, new ideas, trends, experiences, and research results with regard to horticultural science. We are looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo.

Chairperson of the Executive Committee
Saneyuki Kawabata


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