August 28(Mon) - 31(Thu), 2023. The University of Tokyo, JAPAN, Hongo / Yayoi Campus

Additional Tours

Announcement for the Technical Tour

Due to the number of participants exceeding the total capacity, the technical tour scheduled for the 31st has reached its maximum capacity (160) earlier than expected, and we regret that we could not accommodate the wishes of many individuals. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Therefore, we have hastily arranged (1) an additional One-Day Technical Tour and (2) 3-Days excursion (2 nights and 3 days, about 100,000 JPY).
The 3-Days Excursion is scheduled to depart on August 31st. We understand that many of you may have already booked your air tickets, but if you are able to participate, we encourage you to join us.

While the details of the additional tours have not been finalized yet, we will inform you as soon as possible. Regarding the One-Day Technical Tour, we will confirm your participation preference for the initial tour (Technical Tour A) , the additional one-day tour (Technical Tour B), or the optional 3-Days Excursion, although your initial reservation for Technical Tour A is valid unless you have any special request. The details for application process will be announced shortly.
The minimum number of participants for the optional excursion is set at 20.

If you are interested in the 3-Day excursion, please inform the secretariat(ahc2023.exco@gmail.com) via email, stating "Request to Participate in the Optional Excursion.“

  • Technical Tour A (the original tour): August 31st, free of charge. Visit Tsukuba, Chiba-University (maximum participants of 160)
  • Technical Tour B: August 31st :Please wait for the details of the tour.
  • 3-Days Excursion ("Renewable Energy in Agriculture in the Tohoku Region" (supported by Tohoku Electric Power Co.), visit a solar-powered plant factory, NanoTerasu Synchrotron Radiation Facility at Tohoku University, Agricultural Water Channel Power Generation Facility, biomass- and geothermal-based greenhouse, aquaponics, etc)

Cost: About 100,000 yen


  1. August 31st: Tokyo to Sendai (Shinkansen). Visit solar-powered plant factory, Tohoku University Synchrotron Radiation Facility.
  2. September 1st: : Bio-mass and geothermal greenhouse, agricultural water channel power generator,
  3. September 2nd: Aquaponics, visit historical places. Morioka to Tokyo (Shinkansen)