August 28(Mon) - 31(Thu), 2023. The University of Tokyo, JAPAN, Hongo / Yayoi Campus

Invited Speakers

1: Genetic Resources and Breeding

Kuan-Hung Robert Lin, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

(Tentative title): Morphological and Physiological Analysis of Cucurbit Species under Waterlogged Stresses

2: Biochemical and Molecular Aspect

Hideki Hirakawa, Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Japan

(Tentative title): Genome Information and its Industrial Applications

3: Plant Physiology

Wen-Wu Guo, Huazhong Agricultural University, China

(Tentative title): Metabolic Adaptation and Fruit Quality Formation of Citrus Auto- and Allo-Tetraploids

4: Production System

Jung Eek Son, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea

(Tentative title): Advanced Technologies for Greenhouse Crop Production and Vertical Farming

5: Postharvest Physiology

Varit Srilaong, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

(Tentative title): Application of Micro-bubbles Technology on Maintaining Postharvest Quality of the Tropical Fresh Produce

6: Plant Protection

Suryo Wiyono, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

(Tentative title): Biological Control of Diseases of Major Vegetable Crops in Indonesia

7: Genetic Modification

Professor Dr. Feishi Luan,  Horticulture and Landscape Architecture College at Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, China

(Tentative title) The genes mining and function analyzing of important quality and disease-resistant traits in watermelon and melon